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      New user here. I’m just have a look at all the valuable advice & comments in this forum. Gosh there’s so much… 😆

      I have a specific query though. I’ve just began thinking about buying a property in the Costa Blanca / Costa Almeria region and was wondering if anyone has dealt with or knows anything about “Iberian International”. I went to an exhibition last week and they give lots of impressive advice but having done a few searches on the internet found a few scary articles about such companies.

      They offer really cheap inspection trips for €99 for up to 4 days to view potential properties. But I’m not convinced…… it all seems a bit too good to be true…. 😕

      Anyone heard anything I should know about?!?!?!

      Any advice, comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated…

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      This question has been asked many time before on this forum, and the replies I always read state:

      Don’t go on one of these inspection trips.

      – too much pressure to buy (you have to be really hard-nosed to resist)
      – you only see a limited amount of properties that they deal with
      – no chance to see ANYthing else, they collect you from the hotel and drop you back after a long day – and often the hotel they chose is remote!
      – don’t be fooled by the £99 – they will get it back from you when they load on their huge commissions.

      Far better to go independently, meet several different agents, talk to as many people as you can (the bars are a good place!) to get a feel/advice re. the area.
      May cost more in the short term, but……..


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      Isn’t this company part of the Atlas group?

      Have a look at the forum

      put search in for colinos de lago

      Also plenty of illegal builds in Almeria, so be careful
      If buying new property have a look on this forum for the new laws in Andalucia by Independent.

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      …..forgot to add, and most importantly:

      You will only hear what they want you to hear !

      e.g. fantastic development, prices going through the roof, best investment you’ll ever make, if you want to sell – we’ll do it for you and make you a huge profit – no problem, market booming here….etc. etc. etc.

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      I totally agree with the advice.
      As you have a PC it is so easy to look at what agents are offering in the area of your choice.
      Plane fares are inexpensive,outside of school holidays, and one can often stay in hotels at bargain rates . Shop around on your own. It’s as easy as in UK.

      Buying property anywhere deserves time,effort and investigation. Less time and effort it seems is spent by many people than choosing a new car.

      As you stated …” it seems to good to be true”. In my humble opinion it is a sprat to catch a mackerel .

      Not saying don’t do it…it maybe a dream come true for you. But be aware dreams can and a do sometimes turn into nightmares

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      Agree with all the comments above.

      Regards Almeria indeed there are many illegal builds. It is a case of not being pressured when they say these properties are selling fast don’t panic there is no rush!!!!!!!! Think things through. Remember they usually show only off plan developements again when they say completion date 15 months add on another 15 for good measure. 3 year wait seems average.

      Remember don’t sign anything get a lawyer to check any paperwork to make sure it is legal. Not one that is associated with the developers / agents etc. All this has been said on the site before but it is really important.

      Resale properties are already to go ,no long build times and you can start enjoying your home almost immediately not so much of a risk.

      I wish I had had the information and advice available to me from this site when we embarked on our purchase. 3 years ago started the proceedure and down the line we have no licence a house thats built that we can’t live in. Hindsight eh!

      Do it right though and Spain is a great place to buy a property!!!!! 🙂

      I wish you luck in finding yours .


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      i agree with above, with hindsight i would never buy ‘off-plan’.

      Spend a few hours reading info on this site, find your own lawyer, do your own trip, go round estate agents with someone else you can trust, and bargain.

      Unlike us, 4 years down the line, our life savings gone with no bank guarantee and no place yet, (no LFO and huge breech of contract to sort out) you are in the best position. Trust only those people in a truly neutral position.

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      Sadly, alot of people here fell into their traps due to innocent ignorance over spanish legal matters. If only many of us had found and read this forum before we made our moves. It’s not a matter of ‘don’t buy’ really, its a matter of being ‘ruthlessly’ sharp and investigating all sources of information passed on to you. Don’t automatically believe everything you’re told, research the information, and find a GOOD independent lawyer who has reputable standing and real references/recommendations from satisfied clients. Best of luck.


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      Isabelle, really take the advice from the replies here, Charlie is absolutely right, don’t go on a subsidised inspection trip and steer well clear of the bilboards advertising Awful Estates.

      They also say they will ‘cherrypick the best plot/apartment for you’, and ‘this deal is a no brainer’, and ‘you cannot lose’.

      Theses agents should be closed down for their misleading’deceptive scams on unwary purchasers.

      Steer Clear!

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      Thanks to everyone for all those replies – really useful info. I’ll certainly take all comments & advice on board and won’t be booking one of those inspection trips ❗ ❗

      Thanks again & good luck to everyone in the future…

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