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      Hey everyone,

      I was wondering if anyone had any positive experiences with a specific real estate agent in Barcelona?

      Many thanks in advance


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      Martin S

      No responses Cloe! – Doesn’t bode well for Barca agents.  I’d also like to hear of some recommendations if anyone has any to give. Many thanks, Martin

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      Mark Stücklin

      I didn’t jump to answer this question because, although I personally know many of the estate agents in Barcelona who tend to deal with foreign clients, I’ve never actually purchased a property through any of them. That said, there’s only one I know of I wouldn’t go near.

      Buying a home in Barcelona is low risk if you do a proper legal search and use a good lawyer. Because the market is deep and liquid, it’s quite easy to get a feel for market prices (using one of the big portals like Idealista or Fotocasa or Habitaclia). So where are the risks? Buying something illegal? That’s very unusual in Barcelona – this is not rural Andalusia. Overpaying? It’s hard to overpay in this day and age if you do a bit of homework. Mind you, there’s a portal called Kyero that claims the average price of property in Barcelona in Q1 2015 was €588,000, so you do have to be careful about how you interpret the data available ;-).

      For what it’s worth, I do have a page for people looking for estate agents in Barcelona. I have no financial interest in this, I don’t get paid by any estate agents for anything. Please read the disclaimer!

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      Martin S

      Many thanks Mark, I appreciate your detailed reply, I had just found your page on Barca agents coincidentally but thanks for bringing it to our attention.

      And interesting comments on Barca as a liquid market, good to hear your thoughts on that. I personally have been using Idealista extensively and fotocasa to a lesser degree (so far).  Hunting out the best bargains is always the challenge.

      FYI.  My ‘no reply’ comment wasn’t meant to be a criticism of the site or your response times, just an indicator of the difficulty of finding agents who come recommended.

      Thanks again.


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        Mark Stücklin

        No offence taken. It’s difficult to find good estate agents the world over.

        Talking of portals, in Barcelona you should try Some say it’s the best, certainly gets the best results for sales.

        I’m mulling over your other question / post. It’s a key question.

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        Martin S

        Appreciated Mark, I’ll check Habitaclia out.  And cheers also for considering my other post. Valencia city centre will be our 1st choice if we can satisfy ourselves it has a reasonable LT-rental market, but we’re working to the assumption that affluent area’s of Madrid and Barca are maybe safer  (if less lucrative). I’m guessing with so many empty property’s in Spain there are large areas of the country that have no rental market at all still.

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