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      House prices in Spain are still high despite the property crash – What would you consider to be a reasonable and proper price for a 3 bedroom villa (without pool) in the costa blanca region of Spain?

      Would it ever be possible to be able to buy a 3 bedroom villa (without pool) in the costa blanca for 50,000 euros?

      Sorry for being naive but what is the difference between a villa and a house in Spain?

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      Yes Spanish property seems to have its own definitions. From what I can make out a villa is usually a detached property with some land. A town house (or “bungalow”) is usually a terraced property with maybe a small garden (it is often part of a large complex with communal facilities)

      I think you probably could get hold of a 3 bed terraced house in the southern costa blanca for nearly €50k right now (if you know how to haggle). But you need to find out why it’s so cheap and ask yourself whether you really want to own it. It sounds like you are beginning your research into Spanish property. If you decide to go ahead I implore you to rent first for at least 6 month before buying anything.

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