Real Estate Kidnappers!

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    ‘Three family members released from kidnappers in Mijas Costa

    The three citizens from Guinea had been kidnapped by two Belgiums following a fall out over a real estate deal

    The Civil Guard has released three members of a family who were being held captive in a chalet in Mijas.

    The three citizens from the Guinean Republic, father, son and brother from the same family, had been kidnapped by two Belgian individuals in Paris on Friday and were brought by private jet to Málaga.

    It seems the kidnappers and their victims were both sides of a real estate deal and the victims refused to sign a document which admitted that they had a 900,000 € debt with their captors.
    Police were alerted because one of those being held was able to send a text message from his mobile phone.’
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    😯 💡 Better Not ❗

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    How bizarre! Estate agents are getting more desperate by the hour!

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    Oh go on Suzanne, what were you going to say?! 😉

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    OOoh you are naughty ❗

    After spending a couple of hours this morning answering emails to SPSP & hearing very distressing experiences, I think that maybe soon desperate people may think of doing desperate things to get justice.

    Even with Bank Guarantees & unquestionable breaches of contract, many are not getting justice in the Courts. Some OAPs who have retired to Spain are just discovering they have an ‘illegal’ property – one has written to me saying their water was cut off & then their electricity 3 months later, but they do not have the money to pay for litigation. One lady tells me her elderly husband has just had a stroke, which they blame on the stress they are trying to deal with, with their Spanish purchase. And after reading their story, this does not surprise me at all. Many of these people have families back home who are enraged to hear what their parents are going through. People will take only so much…

    It’s high time the corrupt developers & their lawyers are made to answer for all the misery they have caused, which covers much more than just the financial aspect. The Courts have a responsibility to ensure this is done properly.

    Many of us feel ‘kidnapped’ in a sense. Maybe we’ll be hearing soon that the shoe may be on the other foot. Wouldn’t be at all surprised.

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