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      I was wondering if anyone can help me. I live in the United States. My family is from Spain and my husband and I are looking for a property to purchase in the ‘Ametlla de Mar area. We will be visting the area in May to see some properties. I do have Spanish Citizenship and am hoping that it will make the purchase easier. I have been reading all the posts and am very concerned about purchasing a property.  Does anyone have any good referrals for a real estate attorney in that area? We have been in contact with a real estate agent online and she said that their firm has an attorney as well , which from what I have read, is not the best way to go about purchasing a property. I would be very appreciative for any referrals. I would also be open to any referrals for a real estate agent in that area as well. Thank you.

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      Mark Stücklin

      You are right. It’s best not to use a lawyer recommended by the agent you buy from. Too much potential for conflict of interest.

      Try Ester Capafons or Nova from this list:

      List of English-speaking lawyers in Spain

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      This site is so helpful! Thank you so much.

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      I can recommend as well Jonathan Eshkeri and Josep Grau. If you google “lawyer Tarragona” they come up right away. It is indeed good to have a lawyer when purchasing a property especially in this area because there are some constructions which are not fully legal. Good luck!

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        I really appreciate the recommendations. Thank you so much Anne!

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      Another lawyer based out of Barcelona is Mark Carr with Spain Advisors, he is from Iowa so can help navigate between some of the cultural understandings as well.  It is a bit daunting to purchase while abroad but working with those who understand the process can alleviate much of that stress – and as mentioned in what you have read and above – it is important that they work for you, not the seller.  Best of luck!

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