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      Sound a little different from your view of the show Shakeel 😀 Seems Steve Jones has taken on the job of talking up the costa too. Thought his job was to represent British interests as the Consul, not to swan around dubious property exhibitions ❓ Although he was not a career Diplomat only a travel rep in the Canaries so what can we expect….what next, will he be pushing timeshare 😉

      Interesting what someone called Souter wrote…where are the tourists. I was there last week and the place was dead. I admit the weather was dire but surely after a wet day tourists would be eating out in restaurants.

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      Chris M

      Now you see…

      Even I think that is a load of old hogwash from the Sur.

      They want to send out a positive message to all the people that advertised in their crappy supplement.

      They want to get free space to go on a jolly again to APITS in the future with contra deals on advertising and promotion, because supplements like this is one of the few things they can still sell.

      And they did not report as far as I can see here that the figures of attendance were again down year on year, to something like 5,200 which as anyone knows who has done shows is usually calculated at 2.5 per party so lets call that around 2,000 couples – which is an abysmally attended event for a whole world of property and what 100+ exhibitors.

      Now, I am of course one for positive, upbeat and healthy news but this… is hogwash!

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      Katy, they refer to the seminars. I have never attended any of them & even in the best of times. I find them dangerous from the consumers point of view as they cloud people’s views & thoughts & if not surely confuse them.
      I am not for government or legislations interfering & being a nanny state. I however feel these kind of shows can be very damaging for peoples financial health and some warning should be in place. I am concerned of the people who are retiring and they get cleaned up. It is to late for them to start again as age & time will not be on their side. Investors & speculators I dont have sympathy for.

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