Rajoy refuses new reciprocal health agreement?

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      Hi Mark,I have just today 14th November heard some very bad news regarding the reciprocal health agreement between the UK and Spain,an aqaintance of mine here in France,who speaks good French,has read in a French newspaper,that the French government has agreed to honour the agreement post Brexit,but the Spanish government Rajoy has refused to continue with the agreement,if this is true it is not only a disaster for the British people who want to move full time to Spain,but also for the thousands of Spanish people who rely on the British for their income,by not only buying property but through goods and services.Can you through your professional contacts either confirm or deny this story please? Best Regards Brittanyman.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Hi Brittanyman,

      Thanks for the tip-off. This is the first I have heard of it but as you say it would be bad news. Let me look into it.

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      Having been reinstated only this month as President of the government, it is

      highly unlikely that issuing a policy statement on this subject would be a top

      priority. Moe likely is that the Spanish government has not yet evolved a

      policy – fears may be premature!

      However this is a matter of concern to UK “ex-pats” and so it would be good

      to know the formal position. If/when UK activates Article-50, the EU-27

      will be called upon to respond to a large number of UK requests and this

      will, undoubtedly, be one of them. It is yet to be seen to what extent

      the EU-27 will make common cause on issues or will seek to make some

      individual, bilateral agreements.

      However, news from London (via a report at:

      http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-theresa-may-leaked-document-reveals-still-no-plan-article-50-a7417931.html )

      suggests that the UK government has not yet formulated the questions.

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