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    When applying for an NIE at a consulate abroad you can use a foreign address – for instance your address in the UK – for both the 1st and 4th section of the application form. However you should only use a foreign address for the 1st section if you don’t know the address of your property in Spain.

    The 4th section of the form deals with the address to which you want notification to be sent once your NIE number is ready. You can use a foreign address, but take great care to print this address very carefully. The central office in Madrid that processes these applications have told me that they have great difficulty reading the addresses to which notification should be sent. If you don’t print the address clearly and carefully, you may not receive the notification.

    When applying in Spain you need to provide a Spanish address in the 1st section – though in the last resort they may accept your application if you use a foreign address. You can use a foreign address for the notification address (see above).


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    Hi Mark,
    If you put your uk address in both section 1 and 4 of the form , is it that they will send notification for you to pick up your number from the consulate where you sent your forms from?
    Bernie đŸ˜•

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    Hi Bernie,

    When applying through a consulate abroad you will be sent the actual NIE number (not a notification to collect) to the address you put in section 4. It is very important that you print this address carefully. I have spoken to the people who work in the central office in Madrid – the people who process all the applications sent from abroad. They said that quite often they really struggle to read the address.

    Hope that helps.


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    Thankyou so much Mark.
    Dont know exactly when we will need it as we bought our property Oct 03 and they still have not started building yet.It was due for completion Mar/Apr 05. Apparently the builder had not got the final permission to build but we weren’t told this when we purchased through a big uk agent in spain.
    As we have a 4 year old we were not looking forward to the prospect of having to spend hours waiting to get nie numbers in spain.We were thinking of one of us going one day and then the other would go the next, so one of us could stop with him to save boredom and tantrums.
    We can now go to Manchester and get it sorted because as you can see we have plenty of time, even if this development doesnt get built we will still buy but this time I think we would have to go for a resale, couldnt trust off plan again.
    Once again thanks.
    Bernie đŸ™‚

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