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    I have a 10-year-old villa on the Costa del Sol, which I have owned from new. It has a 200-litre electric water heater which is installed horizontally in the under-stairs cupboard, and which has just broken-down. I had a plumber in to quote for a replacement and he said the maximum capacity of heater that he is allowed to install horizontally is 100-litres. This is a serious problem for me because a 100-litre tank is far too small for the house and the under-stairs cupboard is not tall enough to install a 200-litre tank vertically.

    Does anyone know the regulations that apply to this situation? I’d be most grateful for any information or advice.

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    regs? no idea, but maybe consider a gas heater

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    I would try asking at a few plumbers merchants, they will know the regs but most you see these days are 100lt, don’t know it you have a central heating boiler, if so it will probably be a combi one and should be able with a little plumbing to give as much hot water as you want as you need it.

    We have just had this done with our boiler and it miles better than elec, so worth thinking about if you have

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