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      I am purchasing a resale property in southern spain and have been copied in on an email from my solicitor to the valuer for the bank stating the following

      In the contract appear “Finca nº 2289 from the Land Registry of xxxxx” placed in “Calle streetname1 49”.
      • – At the IBI receipt and at the cartography with the same reference of land appears “Calle Streetname1 49”.
      • – At the Nota Simple addressed to the vendors with number of “finca nº 2289” appear “Calle Streename2 nº 41”

      We have verified with the Land Registry that “Calle Streetname1 and Calle Streetname2” is the same one and the numbers just change depending on the name.

      What proof of title do I need , should I be nervous

      I have changed the street names to protect anyone involved embarrassment

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      Don’t worry, this happens a lot. The address in the Title deed is very often not the same as that in the Land Registry. This is due to a number of reasons and is not a source of concern.

      What you must verify is that the finca registral nº xxxx is the same number both in the purchase deed and in the Nota Simple.

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      The advice very much appreciated

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      Don’t know if it helps but the number of my house is different to the escritura as (as often happens) they change the house numbers. I was a number in the hundreds and now under 10!

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      we had similar concerns as street name had changed, and the numbers were differnt, on top of which the description of the property was nothing like what we’d seen. on one vissit I asked the neighbour her house no ( no numbers displayed anywhere) and what street name had been. I also checked at town hall.

      You can do a check yourself online at the catastro’s website and see a schematic plan of the properties , which will also show you whetehr the recorded foot print matches (more or less) what you are thinking of buying.
      The best lawyer in the world, probably cant help, as they will ONLY see a paper trail, and won’t have visited the property. All trhe numbers may match up on paper, but only someone with physical knowledge of the property will be able to see whetehr the shape etc is the same.

      sorry cant remember the site address for the catastro site, but I think its been mentioned here before, and I’m sure someone will soon provide the relevant address

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      The web address for the Catastro site is


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      As estate agents, I cannot think of any sale we have handled where everybody (catastral, council urban planning, land registry, and utilities) agreed about the exact address of a given property.

      British buyers often get worried when they discover that a property has more than one address yet this is invariably so. Just make sure your lawyer keeps an eye on the catastral and property registry entries.

      In my case, I gave up numbering my street address years ago and simply put a name on the house. Nobody has ever raised an eyebrow and there is now no confusion.

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      Our house was registered with a name as there was no rhyme or reason to the numbering of the property in our area let alone road.
      To add to the confusion none of the numurous roads have names .
      Postman however decided he wouldn’t deliver unless we put no.68 on our letter box 😕
      House one side is no.100. House the other has a name.
      Anything to please.

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