Public service chaos or isolated incidents?

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    Just browsing some new articles this evening and I came across these..

    Not living in Spain it’s difficult to appreciate if these are isolated incidents or are becoming more common. I know that council gardeners weren’t paid last year in El Ejido (due to the same problems) and downed tools for a few months. Also they did not spray for mosquitoes in April and hence there were trillions of them.

    Are services in corrupted towns halls all over Spain now slowly disintegrating?

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    I’m not aware of anything like this where I live (south of Alicante).

    This weekend has seen some pretty extravagant fireworks displays, it must have cost a fortune, and I seriously doubt that my local Ayuntamiento can really afford this. I suspect it’s just a matter of time until funding problems hit here.

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    đŸ˜€ Yes, but did they pay their firework suppliers?

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    The firework display in Peniscola on the weekend of 15 September was the best I’ve ever seen there (or anywhere else for that matter). No idea who paid for it (assumed the council) but did wonder where they found the money, thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

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    There has been problems for at least two years in Estepona. Staff not being paid, social security not been paid. At one time all the Town Hall phones were cut off. Last year cremations were stopped for a while as they had not paid the gas bill đŸ˜¯ La Linea is having similar problems.

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    “El Ejido is currently under judicial investigation after 20 people, including the mayor and city auditor, were arrested on charges of stealing over 150 million euros from the town coffers and laundering the money through ElSur. The townhall has now said it is unable to pay workers backwages and has asked for government assistance”.

    So it’s not just because Spain is broke, there’s been a itsy bitsy tincy wincy bit of corruption going on.
    What a surprise…..not.

    “This is chaos” said one local resident. “”We are unable to shower or anything. Before we had at least minimum services but now … well I feel very angry. Where are we going to do our needs?”

    Maybe they can ask the Mayor if they can “do their needs” at his house, seeing as it’s him who’s nicked all the money. đŸ’¡

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    Spanish are not known for pulling back on their fieastas.

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