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      We are a couple looking for a flat/house to rent on Costa Brava from 1.6.09 and have been checking different offers during the last weeks.

      Does anyone know or have any experience with this company?:

      PROYADO 2001 S. L.

      We are looking at this offer

      and we have got the info that monthly rent, 1000 EUR/month, is accumulated for eventual property buy later on.

      Has anyone experience with such agreements or deals?

      Anything we have to be careful about?

      Thank you for your answers in advance.
      BEST regards,

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      No experience, but I would question paying 1000 euro a month, not least because the interior photos are computer generated.

      You might find yourself on a building site – an abandoned building site

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      Ok, thanks.

      Sure we need to check it first! We have got some pictures of the flat’s interior, I can post them later when I return home and have a better internet connection.

      So 1000 EUR a months sounds overestimated.

      Do you have an idea of what the acceptable rent pr month for a nice flat for 2 close to the coastal zone should be?

      Anyone having experience with first renting a flat/house and then buy it?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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