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    Hi, I bought a property last August in the Alicante region, and the solicitor who did the transaction contacted me recently and asked for my bank account details so they could take out 214 Euros for property tax and legals.  When I asked them for a breakdown of the total, I was told 14 euros for the property tax and 200 euros for the legals.  I want to pay the property tax myself and obviously save 200 euros, but I don’t know who to contact to make the payment.  I looked on SPI help section and it says use form 210A.  There is a form 210, but no 210A.  Is there a simple way of doing this?

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    Arthur Stuttard

    If you are referring to the imputed income tax, then 210 is the correct form. You will find plenty of guidance on line to fill this yourself. Just Google Modelo 210 or go to the AEAT website.

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    Wendy Sorolla

    Form 210 has a section 210A but this only appears once you have started completing the form – |I think it’s the second section. Anyhow you will notice it as you complete the form. You will need your NIF (spanish financial number) to complete the form.) Once completed ,you can print it off and use it to pay. Good luck!

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