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    Is it possible to purchase Spanish property using a non-EU corporate vehicle, and if so are there are any special requirements that have to be met e.g. disclosure of beneficial ownership, additional taxes etc. ?

    Any informaiton or pointers to sources of additional information gratefully received.

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    Member Vilprano may be able to help you on this one. You could find his name on members list and pm him.

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    hello newbiebuyer

    In principle, there is not any problem to buy a property through an off shore company, but you would also have to look into the pros and cons involved in this way to convey the property compared to the normal one.

    From the procedural point of view, the normal thing is that the off shore company grants a power of attorney to the lawyer. The way this POA is granted depends on the regulations of the country where the off shore company is based.

    My advice is to discuss this case with a lawyer, as this sort of transactions must be studied carefully before any final advice is provided.

    Best regards

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