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    I’m not sure if this message will get posted as, technically, one could argue that it might be -just a little bit- commercial…

    I work for a tv production company in the UK and we are putting together a show about people who are having difficulty selling their Spanish property.

    We are trying to highlight some of the most common nightmares that people experience- such as unscrupulous developers/agents and promotions companies, off-plan properties that don’t match the original plans and any electrical/plumbing nightmares that people have unknowingly inherited with their properties.

    Having read through a number of postings on this site there seems to be a consistent theme of dissatisfaction with certain estate agent/developer/promotion companies and this might be the kind of thing that we could iluustrate with our programme.

    If anyone is in the stuation of being stuck in an un-sellable property, I would be very keen to hear all about it. please email me at or call +44 (0)1273 224 825

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    If your looking at the problems people have selling their properties then look at the issue of estate agent’s commissions in the South. Swingeing commissions are a real problem for vendors, and of course buyers, from whom the money always comes.

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    @mark wrote:

    Swingeing commissions are a real problem for vendors, and of course buyers, from whom the money always comes.

    I want to hear from people with any problem at the moment. I have read a lot of people’s web forum complaints and moans, but we need people who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is, stand in front of a camera and tell the world about their nightmare!

    Spain has an increasing reputation for unscrupulous/incompetent agents/developers and people are still falling for their sales pitches and lies. We are hoping to highlight this situation and provide some positive and practical advice.

    Anyone out there feeling sufficiently brave (or annoyed) to do something about it?

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    You have probably read many websites re. complaints about a certain large developer.

    if you take a look at, page 6 maybe someone there might want to tell their story.

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    Thanks for the tip Dorothy.

    If anyone could point me in the direction of some more disgruntled punters, I would be very grateful…

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