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      In today’s El Mundo, ‘Ofrecen a los europeos chalés de Almería con garantías legales’
      ‘The severe problems which have surfaced in places like Almería – particularly in the Levante and Almanzora areas – to do with the foreigners, mainly British, buying illegal homes in the last few years have caused an understandable climate of distrust in their ‘home countries’ and the collapse of house prices for Andalucian homes’.
      But now, all is solved. A government-backed estate agency offers full legal guarantees for the poor misused Europeans!

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      Backed by the Junta…they are unable to decide what is legal themselves 🙄

      Interesting that the article says a 90%drop in British buying since 2006 which demonstrates the fall has/had nothing to do with the recession!

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      What a load of codswallop!!!! as Katy says the Junta can’t decide what is legal themselves and are in all sorts of hot water for legalising illegal property all over ALmeria: they are also being sued by many action groups so I don’t think they can be relied upon – anyway, this sounds like a marketing ploy to me by some agent “endorsed” by the Junta – ¿desperation?

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      I just hope that all these new buyers, these happy and confident home-owners, will spare a thought for the many thousands of fellow-Brits who live in the same area who must still use ‘builders electric’ and hosepipes and who will continue for many years to live under the threat of demolition by the self-same government that now finally notices the money available out there in the Frozen North.

      It’s clear that we need an agency to protect, advise, inform and defend the foreign buyers (it’s in Spain’s interest to do so), but – an estate agency?

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      Yes, we need an agency only if it is NOT under Spanish control & have real teeth to bite and not just bark.

      This as we all know cannot happen in a sovereign state and will be an acknowledgment on the part of the Spaniards.

      For those who know Spain should know by now that Spaniards are never wrong so the acknowledgement will not come.

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      This is a “commercial platform” set up by students of a business school in Andalucia to try and shift property in Spain.

      It’s not the first time I’ve read about this project.

      If they have public money behind them I expect they’ll last longer than otherwise.

      The Junta has a problem. Lots of unsold newly built homes on the coast. This is a big cost to society, and bad for things like tourism (who wants to go on holiday to places blighted by ugly, unoccupied developments that are slowly losing the fight against nature?) Hence, I guess, the support for this initiative to try and liquidate some of that stock.

      It seems to me this does nothing about the deeper problems that have hammered the market, over which the Junta does have some control.


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      Mark are you saying that this school was funded by the Junta to come up with their findings.

      I am aware of many such efforts in Spain in one form or another in different regions of Spain’s. This is just to give away the money to a few connected ones.

      Most projects are never finished and where they are finished the findings or conclusions are way of the mark for reasons that data used had been unreliable and presented very poorly.

      The findings have never been acted upon apart from the quality and the fact that it was never intended to be constructive. It was just a facade.

      I have to admit that I have been a beneficiary of many a few beers in different regions of Spain where my host had received contributions.

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