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      We are in the process of buying an apartment in Barcelona that we are planning to use for rentals. Mostly tourist rentals but possibly also some short-term rentals for business stays.

      Can anyone recommend a good, reputable property management company in Barcelona that specializes in tourist/short-term rentals? We live in the US, so would need pretty much a full-service arrangement.

      Thank you!

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      Mark Stücklin

      Ssh, do you have a tourist rental licence? If not you can’t engage legally in tourist rentals in Barcelona.

      You could try or I can’t vouch for either of them but they do provide the service you want. Some tourist rental agents take 40% of gross rental income, just warning you.

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      I have the similar question. I do own a property in Barcelona and have a valid tourist rental license, and am currently looking for a good property management company.

      Do anyone have any experience on management companies to share?

      40% seems quite much, considering you can find company to do cleaning and handing out keys for much less than this. What is the additional service the companies provide?

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      Hi, I can recommend Anil at, he specialises in vacation rentals. There is also, although they do more short term rentals, rather than holiday rentals.

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