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      hi all,

      just a quick one.

      would anyone ahve any ideas on 2 bed places for sale in Monda and who to look with?

      They seem quite pricey for such a small spanish village!

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      It IS a pricey village, you would get a lot more for your money elsewhere…but there are a couple of estate agents in the village itself and one opposite the track up to Marbella Gun Club. Don’t know their names but I’m sure a Google will turn them up (that is if somebody on here doesn’t know…)

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      Monda is an ideal village for an expat for relocation or long stays in Spain, real spanish countryside, lots of charm and character, not much building going on around, it is sorrounded by beatiful almond tree covered hills and one of the most valuable national parks of Spain ( Sierra de las Nieves ), excellent communications with Marbella and the coast (20 min. driving approx). No it isn’t cheap.

      You better mind about the legalities, The law called LOUA ( andalusian law regulating the building activities and town planning ) is rather strict with building in Suelo No Urbanizable ( rural land in english ), the finea are absolutely huge and it makes almost impossible to legalise an illegal building or extension. It even makes a dog’s house completely illegal in that sort of land unless you are a farmer (and you must prove it).

      A) Never pay any deposit, reservations , or sign any documents without an independent lawyer checking for you.

      B) Never use the lawyer provided by the estate agent.

      C) Try by yourself first , it is not that difficult in the spanish villages, and if you really cant then use a local agent, never a big one, with offices even in that area ( and everybody knows whom I mean).

      Three golden rules, easy.

      Be wise, good luck.

      José María Sánchez Alfonso
      Costa del Sol, Málaga

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      Jist seen an ad for off-plan apartments so I guess its going the same way as all the other places 🙁

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      thanks for the help and advice guys

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