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      My wife and I are planning on buying a property in the Costa Del Sol and so we’ve been looking at the properties available through various property websites, but there are just so many available that it’s difficult to make a shortlist of properties to see if we arrange a viewings trip.

      I was wondering if people have any personal experience with using a Spanish Property finder, and if so whether they would recommend that approach.

      I’m not sure if you are allowed to recommend a specific company on here (I need to brush up on the forum rules) but if it’s allowed then can you such a company and let me know roughly how much they charge. I’ve heard that typically they charge between 1.5% and 2.5% of the property purchase price, however the only ones I’ve found are 2.5% plus an extra 1000EUR or so.

      Kind Regards

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      Barbara Wood who posts on here is a highly rated property finder, even quoted regularly in UK press,

      get what you pay for i guess, low fees = cheap service !!


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      Thanks for your reply,

      I’ve just googled and found Barbara Woods website The Property Finders

      I’ll take a look, and yes I agree that price shouldn’t be the only criteria when selecting a Property Finder.

      Thanks again

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      Hi Ben,

      this company has a good reputation, they are professional property finders:

      Good luck and kind regards,


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      Dear Ben
      If you are still wondering what to do you are welcome to contact me through our website, which I think you have already found, The Property Finders for a no-obligation chat. It is a rare case when we don’t save our clients at least the equivalent of our total fee and it is usually many times over.
      Kind regards
      Barbara Wood

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      Hello Ben,

      I would recommend you to check this company: They mainly work in Barcelona, but also in Costa del Sol. They have access to the best properties in the market, they will assist you with the legal process and help you with renovation works if you need them.



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