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    Property developer and civil building developer of the Murcia Region CHC (Conducciones Hidráulicas y Carreteras) is in BankRupt.

    Today I have seen it on TV and a lot of suppliers waiting in the door for their money.

    I have been looking information in the WEB about this company of my Region and I have seen that they have a resort in Granada in dead Situation.

    Is the ‘Mirador de Alhendín’ Resort. A serie of villas about 300.000 euros. They had sold about 40% of the resort but finally they couldn’t find the sufficient bank finance for the project:

    So this 40% means some more british burnned in the spanish sun.

    I repeat the same thing again:

    Be very careful. Today buying off plan properties is very dangeraous. The property developers have very scarce sells so they struggle with banks to get finance. If not, they leave a property development in a dead point. (Some structures buildt and some british scammed).

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    Thanks for the link, no doubt many purchasers will be tied up in the courts for a long time. Lets hope they had bank guarantees! I think we shall be seeing more of these type of these cases 🙁

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    More information about the CHC Case today at “LA VERDAD” newspaper of the Murcia Region.

    Lot of workers and suppliers that are not paid….

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    Thanks also for the valuable information. It is interesting to see what is happening with more developers in this region.

    Molina de Segura is not very far from Rural Residencial, Campos del Rio, Murcia where I had my fingers burnt.

    Very said for the people who have lost their monies. What hope will they have in getting their monies returned. If after 4 years I am still waiting for mine.


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    More information today:

    CHC has stopped several public infraestructures development for example a improve in the access to the beach of Albufereta in Alicante.

    As I have know this company got several public projects financed with European funds FEDER.

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    More information today:

    People is joining to take legal actions:

    A self-employed worked looking for 12.000 that CHC should pay to him:

    CHC was a promising company of the Murcia Region before crashing or making fraud:

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    The debt of the company with workers, suppliers and more could be about 50 million euro:

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    I’d be interested to know if the development was being marketed just by the Developers, or were there any dodgy estate agents involved, and who?

    If so, there should be some recourse against the agents perhaps.

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    As I know the development ‘Mirador del Alhendin’ continues with its commercial publicity on the web:

    Despite as you can see in the web CHC is in the front of the webpage as one of the developers.

    Will continue this development or will go to the limbo meanwhile agents continue to seel to people who dont know nothing about the critical sitiation of CHC?

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    Calculated the total debt left by this bankrupted property developer:

    A total of 67,9 millions of euros. Only for one bankrupted spanish developer! Imagine the mess that will cause all the ones that will follow the same way!

    Major debts (More than 500.000 euros):

    Agencia Tributaria: 478.645 euros

    Antonio Salvatierra, S. L.: 292.924

    Arcelor Distribución Andalucía, S.L.: 508.360

    Banco de Valencia: 1.669.139

    Banco Gallego: 2.188.442

    Banco Guipuzcoano: 912.353

    Banco Pastor: 11.258.988

    Banco Popular: 3.412.213

    Banesto: 694.766

    Bankinter: 958.201

    BBVA: 2.662.468

    BSCH: 4.431.339

    Caixa Catalunya: 1.395.565

    Caja de AH. y M. de P. de Córdoba (Cajasur): 519.108

    Caja Madrid: 987.473

    Caja Murcia: 2.887.404

    Caja Rural Granada: 2.357.956

    CAM: 321.486

    Cementos Portland Valderrivas: 200.969

    Const. Acentejo 2005, S. L.: 766.241

    Const. Metálicas Carava, S. L.: 290.261

    Desarrollos Empresariales Guadalix: 946.634

    Elan Proyectos, S. L.: 184.254

    Elecnor, S. A.: 226.521

    Estructuras y Ferrallas, S. L.: 227.526

    Estructuras y Hormigonados Pérez Saura: 394.283

    Firmes y Compact, S. L.: 388.247 euros

    González Albarracín Hnos., S. L.: 165.861

    Hernán Patricio Granada Cuenca: 234.105

    Hierros y Aceros Cortés, S. A.: 258.967

    Hormigones Camt, S. L.: 509.019

    Hormigones Nevada, S. L.: 336.079

    Imersa Andalucía, S. L.: 244.603

    Jerezana de Canalizaciones, S. L.: 236.525

    La Caixa: 338.707

    Lafarge Áridos y Hormigones Sau: 192.068

    Mármoles y Granitos Anadina, S. L.: 175.123

    Mercantil Mediterránea de Ferrallados: 782.845

    Metálicas Aljusan, S. L.: 188.978

    Movimientos de Tierras Ferrer, S. L.: 341.921

    Obras y Excavaciones Fortunas: 281.960

    Pavesur Derivados, S. A.: 243.880

    Renato Ramírez Estudio de Arqu: 243.418

    Tecnologías Digitales Audiovisuales: 1.687.223

    Transportes y Excavaciones Mar Menor: 198.909

    Visogsa: 439.321

    Zayoser Inmovilizado: 305.106

    ZZ Varios Alhedin: 897.149

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    ManuelYo tengo una empresa de alquiler de retroexcavadoras y no hay manera de que la gente de Polaris World me ingrese unos 60.000 euros que me deben. No hacen nada más que darme largas. Me temo lo peor.

    A reply on the forum of the newspaper, tis guy is worried that he will not get 60,000 euros that he is owed by POLARIS WORLD. They just tell tell him stories when he asks for his money.

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    Every day it seems more likely that the goverment will help the spanish property developers before elections:

    Trying to save these companies with the spaniard’s money.

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    If the Spanish government bails out developers with taxpayers’ money (I’m a taxpayer in Spain) my disgust will know no bounds.


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