Properties owned by Banks on Debtors List

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      I’m sure this question has been asked before, but being a new member here goes !

      Why, on our Residential Urb of over 300 properties in Spain do we constantly see banks such as DEUTSCHE, BANCO SABADELL (CAM), BANCO POPULAR etc on the DEBTORS LIST with outstanding amounts on 4 properties totalling just over 8,000 euros ?

      As owners we are expected to pay our fees, is there some ‘special treatment’ towards the banks ?

      Surely, if they have a property registered in their name on our urbanisation they are the ‘owners’ of the property and therefore should pay up ??

      It angers not only myself, but many other owners/residents when we see every year on the DEBTORS list these banks that have some sort of ‘immunity’ to COMMUNITY FEES.
      Our present Administrators came in with the mandate to reduce the DEBTORS list in general, it now stands at around 40,000 euros !!

      Yes, I’ve read as much as possible regarding CIVIL CODE/ HORIZONTAL LAW etc, etc,, but do not see any ‘law’ that gives banks in particular some sort of ‘opt out’ of COMMUNITY FEES ?

      As our AGM is due shortly, an answer in how to attack this unjust situation would be appreciated.

      Can we ‘knock on the Bank doors’ for OUR money ??


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      I can see why it makes your blood boil.

      I’ve written about this in my blog: Banks in Spain are some of worst offenders on community payments

      You can go knocking on their door, I don’t think you’ll get anywhere that way. Your community should hire a good lawyer to go after them.

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      People are even complaining that the Sareb / Bad Bank is behind on community fees:

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      Yet apparently they are making 500mill plus profits, if we stopped paying our mortgages they would be harassing us from the first missed payment.

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