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    I sold an apartment near Torre del Mar two years ago and are still receiving bills for IBI, basura, water etc from the local Recaudacion office.
    I have taken the bills to the local office to explain that I no longer own the property, but they say they cannot do anything unless I can give them the details of the new owner.
    This poses a problem because the new owners are never there, and have ignored letters that I have taken to the apartment to get their details.
    The agent that I sold the property through has closed down, and I dont know the solicitors who represented the buyers so I cannot get the details from either of these sources.
    Can anyone please answer the following:

    a, Any other suggestions as to how I can find out the details of the people that bought the property ?

    b, What would be the consequences if I just ignore the bills ?

    c, Are the people at the Oficina de Recaudacion correct in requesting these details ?

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    1. The responsibility to change the standing order of this is the purchaser´s lawyer.

    2.- If you stop paying the authorities would go against the property, not against you because the nature of this tax is real not personal (unlike Wealth & Income Tax).

    3.- Your lawyer could find out and change it. It really is the responsability of the purchaser’s not yours as the vendor.

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    Many thanks Drakan, I will rest easier now.

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    You’re welcome.

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    Do you not have a copy of the sales contract? This should have the full details of the purchaser. Alternatively you should try the Land Registry. I would cancel any payment arrangements from your bank (if there are any), inform the tax office, and the Ayuntamiento in writing, if not already done so and send any future bills you may get to the property. Eventually, if the purchasers do not pay their bills, the tax office will put a charge on the property in the Land Registry and can auction the property to get payment if it goes on for some time. As previously advised they should not come after you so I would not worry too much.

    Good Luck

    Terry English

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    I think that the only way to solve this is to pay and sue the vendor afterwards.

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    Paying and suing would not be a good idea unless you want to incur legal fees and lock your money up for about 5 years (or lose it). I would ignore it, they will be the ones with the charge against the property, you have proof you don’t own it. How have they got your new address? the IBI bills go to the address that they pertain to? 😕

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    Thanks everyone for the information. I will keep any bills and post them under the door of the apartment whenever I am passing.
    The property was one of a number that we own(ed), forming part of a rental business, that is why any bills for our properties come to our business address.

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    Uf, my apologies. I wrote my advise on the basis you were the adquirer ( current owner) of the property. Of course, do not pay any bill, you are not risponsable of that!!!!!!!!!

    Apologies, I have been taking a intensive course during all the evenings of November, my mind must be worn out 🙂

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