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      I booked my room through the website My booking is from february and till 30 of june 2016. I don’t have any contract as my landlord said that they have an agreement with and it is enough. But now the problem is that my landlords decided to move to the Netherlands and told me this only this week, so I have time till 30 of may to leave the appartment. I was really in shock because you know such things like moving to another room requires a lot of preparation and they knew everything in advance, but told me only this week. I am studying here in university and have very busy last month of semester. After talking to them and even arguing as the landlady was very nervous they are asking me to leave the appartment right now. They say that it is my problem and they don’t care about it. I really don’t know what to do and afraid of them. Do you maybe know what can I do in this situation?

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      This is my advice…

      Don’t move until the 30th June. I assume you have some contract with or some documentation that you are renting until 30th June.

      The law is very heavily on the side of a tenant in Spain. But above that there is a moral issue here. The landlord has rented you a place and now his plans have changed he doesn’t care about the tenant, I find people like that morally repulsive!! You have the keys so just continue to live there. Call the police if you are subjected to hassle or you find you come home and the locks have been changed.

      Also speak with one of the citizens advice agencies in Spain on what are your legal rights. But I think you will find they can’t just throw you out or change the locks, or even cut off water or electricity.

      Good luck


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