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      I have never in my life come across this bizarre situation before, therefore I wondered what people here would make of this.

      As some of you here already know, I didn’t get legal water/elec connections for eight months due to no LFO, and all blame was pointed at a neighbour in our new development who caused incessant problems over whatever disputes he had with the developers/his property.

      Now that the LFO HAS finally been issued, today we had our first ‘community’ meeting where I got to find out alot more from various residents.

      What I heard was shocking to say the least.

      Apparently, this neighbour has NEVER paid a cent for his house and does not own his property. He merely copied a key and moved himself and his furniture in?? I’ve seen him around quite a bit, so he lives here on and off, but they tell me the police or nobody cannot do anything about him. ‘Squatters rights’ or something once he got his furniture in, and also he appears to have certain ‘friends’ in certain places, as well as the rumours going around that some people in the council were afraid of him.

      Our newly elected president informed me that this neighbour has excluded himself from all community obligations (as well as paying any fees whatsoever) and that he recently got himself connected to the utilites without even any proof of ownership of the property.

      It appears that he seems to be doing whatever he likes, though the community are trying to hard to ‘sc**w him over’ somehow. He appears to be very much hated by all (surprise surprise!).

      What really stings me in all this though, is that the developers paid for a rental property for him to live elsewhere throughout the last bad few months, due to the ‘inconvenience’ of living here with the crappy temporary electricity. What the hell? When my family and I suffered horribly for eight months and have been paying our mortgage faithfully the whole time.

      As a last comment, the community president tells me to just ‘avoid’ him and not give him reason to make complaints to the council.

      It’s a pity I didn’t cop on to any of this when ITV1 came for their interview with me, but even so, what would be the point? where is my proof?

      I am absolutely horrified and in total disbelief. How can anyone get away with all that? He appears to be holding all the Aces. So it appears that I or anyone else here has no legal protection or rights at all on this?

      Your views appreciated.


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      For once, Carla, I’m speechless ……. 😯

      Out of interest, what nationality is this ‘character’? Do you know?


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      He is Spanish, and has been in jail before.

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      Perhaps a relative/friend of the developer ?

      This ‘neighbour’ provided a great excuse for the developer not to be able to get that elusive Licence of First Occupation until now.

      Makes one wonder……

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      As he apparently didn’t force entry ,but copied a key, then most likely the developer will have to take court action to get him evicted.
      With your earlier problems this could be the reason the developer didn’t want the utilities connected as this would have legalised his position further .
      Offering him alternative accommodation ,if the rumours are true, in these circumstances seems the most practical solution.
      Be interested to see if Spanish and UK law has the same agenda on this

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      There are no such rights as ” ‘Squatters rights’ in Spain. The only possession which derives into an ownership it is the uninterrupted and and undisputed possession for a prescribed term, it is actually an acquisition of the title or right to property ( usucaption). But it is not the case at all.

      What is true id that the owner of the house ( developer) is ” by some reason” allowing this man to live there so it can work as a free renting.

      As a community, you have got rights to ask for the payment of the fees, to the owner, who seems to be the developer. Anyhow, the whole situation is quite bizarre and it may be he is somehow dangerous so I think that caution is a good advise.

      Congratulations on the LFO.

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      Good theories, but I was always under the assumption (according to the other neighbours) that it was this neighbour delaying the LFO in order to achieve some sort of compensation for his property being smaller..

      It appeared that he was delaying the while thing in order to force the developers into a large compensation. The developers gave us the impression they were fighting for the LFO to be issued (which would only, as Maria says. strengthen his hold over the property)…why would they do that, if he is living there illegally. It doesn’t make any sense at all really. But I am positive that HE is very clever and knows exactly what he is doing.

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