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      Dear Mark.

      My wife died in November 2013. In September 2013 she had made a World wide will which my Son contested. On 18 January 2017 the High Court of Justice found that she did not have Testamentary capacity, overturned that will and made on order that a will dated 24August 2010 be used for probate. That will deals with her U.K assets.
      She made Spanish wills on 11.3.2010 20.04.2012 14.09.2012 and 10.10.2012 dealing with her Spanish assets. Are these wills affected by the European Legislation 650/2012? and Will the Spanish Courts accept the U.K Courts decision and revert to the Spanish will of 11.03.2010 ?

      Your comments would be much appreciated.

      Many Thanks.



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      The latest Spanish Will will be regarded as valid in Spain because the Notary declares in the Will itself that he/she finds that the testator has the necessary capacity at the time of making the Will.

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