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      hi all

      have been speaking to a guy in the gym today and he tells me about these private health care plans over here like SANITAS which i think is part of BUPA, and he was telling me he has joined and it´s so much better than going to queue up in the local ” nhs” style doctors, which i have experienced, and it was a bit of a free for all!!

      so, does anyone use or know of any info on this?

      Thanks in advance

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      I have had Sanitas for 3 years now, I got it after an 8 hour wait in the Costa del Sol following a fall from a horse. It was not a serious accident but I was in pain for the whole day while I waited and hung about for a million different departments to see me, although the hospital was great, it is a bit of a free for all, and you can be waiting for a long time to see just a GP.

      For the first time last week I used my private insurance for a check up, I was able to use Hospiten in Estepona, I was in and out in a matter of minutes for a blood test, it was quiet, clean and if I need, there was someone who spoke English on hand to help. The team was great and very friendly.

      At the same time a friend of mine was down in Estepona and had to wait for just under 2 hours for her blood test, free on the SS. She said the only good thing was that she got to meet lots of locals and the banter was good fun….

      I pay about 54€ a month, for a classic plan and basic dental included. With the amount of people now living on the Costa, and depending on local resources, I feel it is a wise investment.

      I hope this helps!

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      Thanks Christine, thats great info.

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      I’m getting conflicting information on the Health insurance issue.
      We already have the latest card from the UK Government plus we still have valid E111s just in case.
      Can you tell me if the premiums that you pay go up after you are 60 or if Sanitas refuse to insure you? I’ve heard that some providers do refuse over 60s.
      I was in the CDS up until the 3rd of october on holiday and I was told that you didn’t have to get Private Insurance as you were covered but I think that there might have been a misunderstanding as to our ages (my wife & I that is) as we are only in our 50s at the moment but intend to move over to Spain permenantly when I retire in five years time when Im 60.
      My wife is older than me by 20 months by the way which may be of some relevance.

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      I have Sanitas, and for about 40 euros a month its the best thing I have spent money on here.

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      Always have a good look at the small print as there are different levels, make sure it is suitable for you. One person had to return to the UK because they would not cover the cancer drug he needed which cost 200 euros a month. Do you know that if you have been working in the UK you are allowed up to 2 years full health care in Spain (think its a E106?)

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