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    Fascinating read and there you have it in a nutshell – the real underlying problem with Spain.

    There was me thinking the UK’s supposedly* democratic system was bad enough but the Spanish system just seems Stalinist to me. This system surely must be a hangback to the Spanish Civil War where the Russians got involved? I must research how this system came about.

    * I say supposedly because whilst it might be democratic in name, it certainly doesn’t work democratically in practice otherwise governments could not be able to form with as little as 35-40% of the people who bothered to vote. Given that average turnout figures are around 65% that effectively means governments are being elected with as little as 25% of the populations vote. No wonder so few people bother to vote these days, what’s the choice they have? Labour or Conservative? Can someone actually tell me in simple terms the actual difference between these two parties?

    It is of course a deliberately designed duopoly held in place by both party’s insistence that the current ‘first past the post’ system not be changed to anything even resembling a proper democratic system one person one vote. No wonder really, they know full well as soon as a fairer PR system is introduced that ensures full and proper representation bang goes their power forever.

    No wonder then that these corrupt, greedy politicians have brought the UK to the brink of financial and economic meltdown. I’m tempted to call them clueless, but they know exactly what they’re doing and they don’t care.

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    Are there any signs that a Beppe Grillo style Five Star Movement might appear in Spain? All of the elements are in place to nurture such a movement.

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