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      Just moved in a small village in southern spain, i have realised its not so populated with many foreign paople, been talking to some old guys that have their houses for sale, its unbelievably cheap, i think its because not so many people know of it, they have found one agent that they are working with, one spanish woman just bought one townhouse with 4 rooms, one room down stairs and pation at the back, living room next floor and kitchen, aand 2 bedrooms.she bought it for 16,000 euros including commision.for anyone who wants to know more information, i can give you owners contacts, or the a gent. its avery nice area and i love living there.only private message me.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      what is the village called?

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      There a thousands of properties in Spain that no one wants. (And I don’t mean the new ones!!!)

      Driving my in-laws back to their home village a couple of years ago, I was amazed to see beautiful country homes in amazing places abandonded. This is in Jaen and as childern have grown up they have moved to the cities and the rual farm way of live has and is dying out.

      Some of these properties wouldn’t be far off a million pounds in the UK!!

      My in-laws are now in Berja and the property next door is now empty after the owner died around 3 years ago. Nobody wants it. This is in a typical Spanish courtyard. You can walk to the town centre in 5 minutes.

      I expect the you could pick this property up for less than 20k Euros. (but it needs work)

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      Penny’s first post and it smells a bit fishy. Please report it to me if anyone discovers that behind it lies an agent or comisionista trying to sell property. If it’s just the one post that’s fine, but any more like this and the game’s up.

      Jp1, you’re right about the abandoned country homes. I crossed half of Spain this morning on the AVE from Barcelona to Madrid. Most of the way it is beautiful countryside with some attractive little villages, but you also get the feeling there is not much economic activity and nobody around. I’m a regular traveller on this route, and I always see what look like abandoned country homes. The countryside is still being depopulated in la España profunda.

      I’d love to walk the route one day, instead of flashing past on the train at 300kmh.


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      I find it a little sad to see so many abandoned buildings here. I see many that I’d be happy to fix up, yet they never appear to be for sale. Let alone at a sensible price.

      Some of the neglected property round here is just lovely, but it’s just left to fall down. I sometimes wonder if there isn’t an opportunity to fix them up, but it never seems to come along. Such a waste!

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      These Brits seem to have found a nice quiet, cheap spot in Galicia, and seem very happy there.

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      That made me laugh, you couldn’t make it up 😆 Still each to their own 🙂

      The true fact is that people who buy these houses that “need a bit of work” quickly realise that they would have found it cheaper to bulldoze and start from scratch. Unless they want to rough it for the rest of their lives. None of these people were young either 🙄

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