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      Any reliable sources of price per square meters in different areas?

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      Joe Casa

      Search for property using price per square meter on  All of the column headings of the property list are sortable.

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      Using the m2 principle to establish a complete property value is a crazy way to compare price or cost any building project and should be left to lazy estate agents as a tool to over value property. On external walls alone there can be a huge cost difference. An example shown below demonstrates the massive difference between the two footprints comprising the 160m2 of the unit. The difference of 80m2 @€250 m2 would be €20k just for the external walls alone.

      20 x 8 = 160m2 56lm of walls x 2.5m height = 140m2 of walls

      40 x 4 = 160m2 88lm of walls x 2.5m height = 220m2 of walls

      The value of a property is what a buyer will pay for it – simple as that!

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        I cannot follow this.  To my knowledge a property needs to be sold with the square meterage advertised with it.  Usually this is calculated by multiplying the square meters of the house by the price per sq mtr of the land it stands on.  From then on it would involve age, condition, location and many other factors.  I don’t understand the walls bit, of course they should be there and with a roof on it, preferably.  Am I learning something new…

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      Most real estate  is based on price per sq meter.  I have been looking at investing in property in Orlando Florida versus costa blanca spain and the property data base in america is terrific, for example Zillow gives you information such as how many the property changed hands, how old it is, price per sq meter, estimate if it is overpriced and estimate going forward of price if sold achievable – you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for.  On the other hand trying to get accurate information in Spain is a bit like here in Ireland non-existent. The legal costa are far cheaper also 2% if cash buyer 5% if going for mortgage – compared to 10% in Spain.  On the negative running a property in florida the overheads are quite expensive and eat into any return whereas in spain the overheads are not as high. .

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