PP-A demand "social agreement" to resolve illegal homes

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      The president of the PP in Andalucia (PP-A), Javier Arenas, demanded on Friday a “great social and political agreement in Andalusia to resolve the situation of some irregular 300,000 homes in the region”, which he attributed to “harmful management of the Junta de Andalucia on planning matters”, while his party has announced it will present to the regional parliament a motion (proposito no de ley) to take” interim measures ” to help the situation of thousands of families who have been missold homes which later proved to be built illegally.

      Among the battery of initiatives that Arenas has suggested in a half hour meeting held in Almeria with about 30 representatives of British residents in the Comarca del Almanzora grouped under the acronym ‘Urban Almanzora Abuse-No’ (AUAN) was also a promise to file motions in the municipalities affected to give many homeowners, who have paid municipal license and taxes, access to utilities.

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