Possibility of a remortgage or a new loan?


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      I took a 40000 mortgage with Bancaja/Bankia 5 yrs ago. It was a 3 yr no payment deal so have only been paying for 2 yrs. (By The by)
      I have just sold the house and owe Bankia 36500 on the mortgage.
      I want to buy a replacement home for which I need funnily enough, a 40000 mortgage again.
      What would be my best course of action? Is there any monetary advantage in trying to increase my mortgage with Bankia? Is this something that Spanish banks can do reasonably easily? I actually bank now with Santander because after Bancaja went under, Bankia who took them over withdrew all banks in my area. (Been Spanish tax resident since 2014)
      Would it be better to try for a new mortgage with Santander where (apart from the mortgage payment) all my financial dealings are?

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