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      Has anyone any information on this?

      To date it seem accurate that negotiations are ongoing with a quick decision expected regarding the liklihood of a Disney Paris style theme park in Murcia- possibly on what would have been Condado de Alhama ll. PW had to give over this land to the Banks.

      Not sure what to make of this good and bad for the region, good and bad for Condado de Alhama 1.

      Loads of investment no doubt for the area and jobs, but ‘real’ Spain, where will that go?

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      😆 😆 😆

      You are joking aren’t you. The theme park outside Benidorm has had severe financial difficulties. I suggest this has been spread around by some desperate estate agent. Won’t work, The British are savvy these days to listen to this rubbish!

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      Nope- no joke.

      All over the media- google and you’ll see. The Paramount people are in Murcia doing a feasability study, have met with the Mayor. Expect to create 20,000 jobs and need 15,000 hotel rooms. Quick decision wanted and expected. Land available with planning consent, water treatment plant and electricity. Anticipation of up to 3 million new visitors per year.

      New York times describes Murcia as the next frontier.

      They plan a Paramount Studio centre to centralise their european enterprises, plus a theme park to rival Disney Paris. Will not be similar to anything already in Spain. Murcia chosen because of 300 days of sun per year and plenty of land, not so built up, good links across europe.

      The Leader yesterday afternoon quoted the Mayor (I think) as saying this idea isnt just air it has the possibility of becoming reality. He has returned in the last week from a meeting in Dubia with ‘Mr Paramount’

      There’s long been rumours of a Disney style park for Murcia but this Paramount concept has a real possibility of happening.

      I dare say the level of investment required will form the real stumbling block. But Murcia regional govt haven’t put all this new road infrastructure in place for no reason and a new international airport to open by 2011 (should have been late 2009- but financial crisis and all that) plus high speed train link Murcia to Cartegena. So we will see.

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      Same old stuff. I thought it was the Chinese who were coming…or is that another place. 🙄 I would be rich if I had a few euro every time I have heard the same blurb…new airport, rail links, Disney style parks. Murcia the next frontier yayayaya 😆

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      You are right of course, same old stuff- but this time they have actually turned up to do the research.

      The roads are built- we travel on them daily and the airport is also built and doing its safety trials. The high speed rail link has been recently approved, land given over etc but no work started as yet.

      A small chinese theme park has been given the go ahead for Lorca along with a business park and apartments funded by the Chinese. Unexpected alliaence but thats business.

      The piece is in the New York Times about Murcia- have read it.

      Paramount have planned 7 theme parks in Dubai since about 2006- non have been built. So I cant see why Murcia would be any different and the amount of investment could be as much as 3 billion which in todays credit crunch time seems unlikely to be raised, but there’s alot of people holding their breath.

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