Podemos Ibiza proposal to force holiday homes into social housing

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    Mark Stücklin

    Unless I’ve misunderstood the press reports, the Podemos Ibiza reaction to the new Balearic housing law currently being drafted in Palma is to propose that owners of homes in Ibiza unoccupied for six months a year should be forced offer their homes to the Balearic Housing Institute for rental as social housing. It seems to me that would affect many holiday-home owners on the island, who use their properties for less than six months a year. There is no risk of this happening, it’s just posturing by Podemos . the hard-left party currently in the coalition running Ibiza. The Councillor of Housing in Ibiza is Viviana de Sans from Podemos.

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    Mark Stücklin

    Turns out the proposed policy might only apply to owners of more than 10 properties, so hardly relevant to holiday-home owners. But it’s not clear. Anyway, it’s not really a policy, just posturing.

    The draft law itself puts the time limit at 2 years standing empty, but is running into lots of flack from all sides. Banks and builders say it’s badly drafted and impractical, with no resources for implementation, on the left they say it doesn’t go far enough.

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