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      Having arrived in Madrid on  a short British contract, a room in a shared apartment has been my only choice, since work began immediately .

      I  have rented a room in a shared apartment, extra money paid up front in full, no contract.

      Now due to unforseen circumstances,  I  will have to leave at the end of the month. The live in landlord has become  unreasonable and threatening and is pressuring me to give definite answers, I’m  afraid now and worried about leaving my room.

      The rent has been paid in full, on time. Should I need help, where do I find it?

      What are my legal rights?

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      Mark Stücklin

      April, with no contract you can’t do much. How many month’s rent do you pay up front?

      If you are threatened you should go to the police and make a denuncia. Of course that won’t improve your relationship with your landlord.

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