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      I am interested in purchasing an apartment on costa del sol however when I went to view it there is a hugh crator in front of it where deveolpment work is taking place

      The agent tells me it is a low rise apartment block but judging by the foundation it is going ot be a multistorey apartment

      How can establish what is to be built there before i purchase
      Is there a planning office where the plans can be viewed

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      You need to either visit urbanismo at the relevant town hall, or see if you can find who the developer/promoter is and get a look at their plans. But as a rule, if the foundations look like supporting a high rise, then a high rise is what’s going there. If the agent is telling you otherwise without having any plans or something from the town hall to show you, start regarding him with plenty of caution.

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      Its rare to see anything less than 3 floors plus basement and atico these days.

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      If you are buying on the CDS then do not buy anything where there is the potential for building in front. If there is space they will build and you will endure at best 2 years of building noise and at worst lose your view.

      There is no point buying anything unless the foreground is developed. Leave anything that looks as though it could become a building site (ie if you have undeveloped ground behind, beside or in front). Ignore any and all plans as they will either be ignored or modified in the years to come.

      Be careful if you are after an “outlook”, as they rarely remain for long….

Viewing 3 reply threads
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