Planning investigation in Arboleas affects 7 homes

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      AUAN sources confirm that the Nov 2009 raid on Arboleas Town hall relates to an investigation into alleged planning crimes and ‘prevaricacion’ (wrongdoing in a public office).

      The investigation involves 7 dwellings constructed by Lakes Vega SL on poligono 8 parcela 118 in the La Cana area of Arboleas.

      The case (1429/2009) is currently in court number 3 in Heurcal-Overa awaiting formal charges from the State Prosecutor. Such charges often include a demand for demolition.

      Anyone affected by this case would be best advised to seek legal assistance and take part in the legal proceedings to protect their interests.

      Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No
      Campaigning to safeguard our homes

      AUAN Press release –5th July 2010
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