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      Read every article and book before seeking a parcela of land in Spain but it’s what they don’t say that frustates one. At all times we went through a reputable agent! Only to find that either they fail to disclose the truth or hadn’t bothered to find out situation prior to showing clients.
      Fortunately we used a good solicitor .

      1st parcela….illegal as were all builds surrounding it.
      2nd ..legal..but a multitude of Spanish owners who then proceeded to not only to double the price but reconstruct the parcela thereby losing our the access to it !!
      3rd..and final parcela was probably the most traumatic even though by now we *thought* we knew all the questons to ask.
      Plot was definately larger than the amount on offer but in answer to our many questions the vendor would have no problem in acquiring a seperate escritura .

      First arranged meeting to sign papers was cancelled at the 11th hour. As was the second and third. Fourth meeting phone call hour of meeting delayed and stating vendor wanted to *come to an arrangement involving a legal deal* ???????
      Naturally vendor missing at meeting but estate agent relayed message
      * Price doubled as unable to divide parcela,but we could pay the remainder in 2 years*
      We walked out of the meeting fuming. On hindesight probably the best thing we ever did.
      Price reduced same *favourable* terms applied.

      We drove back to our hotel utterly broken and for once speechless.
      We desperately wanted the land ,which to be fair to the vendor was worth the new asking price but why play games pretending it could be split, but how to get it and at the same time everybody appearing to win.
      After a sleepless night very angry that we should be used as puppets by all concerned we went in with a counter offer+ total deal to be settled within 14 days otherwise buying in Spain was no longer an option.

      Two hours seemed a lifetime at this point plus we were going home the following day. Sweating buckets by now.

      All parties to meet at Estates Agents office 6pm that evening.
      Guess what? Vendor phoned to say he would be late!!!
      We therefore waited at a nearby cafe and told Estate agent to come and get us WHEN vendor decide to turn up.
      Spanish vendor not too happy but we were and are ecstatic.

      Without the help of our wonderful Spanish solictor who obviously had his siestas on hold for several days pulling out all stops to check on the legalities of this parcela..we could now be hunting land in Outer Mongolia (only joking).

      Have learned since the vendor had already tried this previously so all involved,except us, knew the rules of the game.
      So prospective land buyers beware of what might happen. 🙄

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