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      ‘After working for 18 months, the Junta de Andalucía has decided to close its planning office in Marbella. It means the Ayuntamiento will now be left alone to try and deal with the new PGOU Urban Plan and the some 9,000 complaints against it from the public.
      The regional government says it is taking the decision following a lack of contacts with the local Town Hall which now has had responsibility for town planning returned to it.

      P.P. Marbella Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, said the closure of the office was another sign of the policy shift of the Junta. She said the PGOU had been drawn up without the citizens’ input and now the Junta should accept their responsibility.’

      ‘Meanwhile, Ecologistas en Acción have denounced what they claim is the administrative perversion of the course of justice in Marbella Town Hall. They claim that the town hall’s decision not to revise the building licences of some 1,000 properties granted permission between July 1991 and March 2006 by the Jesús Gil administration amounts to that, as the permissions were granted illegally.

      Current P.P. Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz decided over the summer to postpone the revision of the properties until after the new PGOU Urban Plan is approved, which is now expected to be in the Autumn of next year.

      A new statement from the Town Hall made yesterday has repeated that the Ayuntamiento will postpone the revision of the licences ‘in order to defend the assets of the citizens’.’

      Hope developers will not be allowed to keep adjourning court cases until this Plan is finally approved.

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