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      I was thinking of having one of those wooden pergola built up on my roof terrace to provide shade. It would need to be substantial 3m x 4m and secured.

      Does anyone have any information cost – who would do it etc

      All information gratefyully received.

      I am in Palomares.

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      Can you show us a photo of what you have in mind?

      This sort of thing?

      By the way, I’m moving this thread to the main forum as it’s not really a problem. More of a challenge, really.


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      You will almost certainly need planning permission.

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      My father-in-law put a wooden pagoda in his garden in the Balearics without requesting any sort of building permission. This is what it looked like:

      He was then fined and forced to take it down. As it had no walls and only a temporary roof, he assumed he didn’t need permission. I think they jumped on him because the house is in a highly protected natural park (and cash-strapped town halls jump at anything these days if they can fine you).

      But why use a wooden pagoda when you can get the same effect (lots of shade) using ‘sail shades’? There are some really cool products on the market these days. I doubt you would need planning permission for a sail or two. It’s what my father-in-law should have done.

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      If you don’t mind me asking what was the size of the fine?

      I can never understand this fine culture, my parent-in-laws were fined something along the lines of 2000 Euros for some stone garden furniture placed outside their house on a raised platform in front of their front door. This is the courtyard and the raised platform (hidden) is behind the brown car. They didn’t own the land/raised platform. It’s like a big giant step as the land slopes upwards.

      Basically the neighbours complained. The council wrote to them , but as they are elderly Spanish understanding the communication was difficicult and they got bad advise from Spanish family members.

      To cut a long story short the fine (there were several) represents a significant amount by several factors over their monthly pension. I knew nothing of the saga until it was all done and dusted otherwise I would have intervened with correct advise.

      It just seems from my experience the value of a fine is purely random and extremley high.

      (Apologies for off-topic)

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      From memory I think it was about 3,000 Euros.

      Better get back to the topic of wooden pergolas.

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      No Mark unfortunately here in Lorca if it’s a post that goes in the ground even if there’s no concrete only compacted earth, then it needs a ‘proyecto’ + licences!! Dog kennels need permission here if the base is more than 2m x2m. Perhaps that’s why we haven’t got a real problem with illegal builds.

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