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    Hi all,
    this is my first post here.I have read many of the threads, and it looks like there are many knowledgeable people here.
    I very recently completed on a new build in Albunol,Costa Tropical.I did try and get out of the contract but to no avail,(long story).
    My question is,do any developers offer part exchange deals yet ?,i have done many searches,but with no success.
    I would ideally like a property in the Nerja/Torrox Costa areas.I am well aware of all the economic woes in Spain at present,but i think that until i can sell,i would rather have a place in an area i know and like,rather than in a much lesser known region.
    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Your post begs the question: Why didn’t you buy in the Nerja/Torrox Costa region in the first place if you know it well and like it? 😕

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    Welcome to the forum Seany.

    I think there are several companies doing this.
    Have a look at:

    Don’t know anything about them though, so best to do lots of research ❗ also deals in part-exchange in Spain.

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    Thankyou for the reply,and welcome.
    I will look into this and really appreciate a starting point.
    In answer to why didn’t i buy in the area i know and like,i simply couldn’t afford to at the time.I signed up for the off plan i now own back in 2005.

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    Seany, Nerja is a great area. We especially like Frigiliana and have been visiting there for the last 6 years. Word from friends living there, prices have dropped but not hugely…. yet. On our last visit ,there were still quite a few new builds that have been unsold for at least 2 years. Negotiation is the way to go I think.
    Good Luck in your search. 🙂

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    Claire,i totally agree.For the last 5 years i have been renting various villas around Nerja.Was there in Aug and actually didn’t get time to go up to Frigiliana this time,which was a real shame.I love the contrast between Nerja and Torrox Costa.
    I thought that prices had dropped quite considerably from when i did want to buy there,that was in 2004.
    I have had a preliminary scout around from the leads above, but it doesn’t seem that any of the developers in this area are offering any PX deals at present.I will carry on searching,it was only a clutching at straws idea anyway.

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    Actually, whilst superficially prices in Nerja are holding up well, if you scratch the surface you´ll find that there are in fact substantial reductions.

    Of the properties I´m looking at one re-sale apartment was originally listed at 180k (Yes this was too high), it is now advrtised at 150k. The estate agent has however indicated that, in the current market, it can be bought for something around my budget which is 120k.

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