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    Can I ask the group about experiences/recommendations they may have had in their dealings with this company.
    We are looking to buy a property in Spain and would very much like to get any background information on this agent to help us make up (or not) our mind to use them.

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    Hi Bob – we almost bought with Parador on the Almanzora Country Club development. Look at – viva forums. You will find some opinions about Parador Properties on the Almanzora Country Club site.

    They appeared very “pushy” on their escorted trips. Even though we went under our own steam (they called us “steamers”) we felt pressurised by phrases such as “well I have others buyers for this plot – you will need to make up your mind in the next half hour etc”

    Even two months ago – they were trying to update us about the Almanzora site – even though we had told them we were not buying. Our independent Spanish lawyer had told us not to buy – there were no building licenses and land ownership (change of use) issues. Parador insisted that everything was going ahead and inferred that it was just a matter of “rubber stamping” by the authorities.

    Of course – this is our own personal experience. A balanced view is always a good idea when buying abroad and there may be others who have had a satisfactory buying experience with Parador.

    We think the keys to making a sound purchase – are to – get a good independant Spanish lawyer, research the area you are hoping to buy in and find out as much as possible about the people you are buying from (good and bad).

    Good luck in your decision making process.

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    I bought at MCC through Parador.
    We flew over to appointments that they failed to keep, did absolutely nothing to help us with some minor problems, and the final straw was 6 weeks after we collected the keys to our villa they contacted us to make an appointment the following month to ‘ Collect our keys ‘

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    Hi All,

    We are buying with Parador and have decided not to pay the extra 700 euros for aftersales yet. Can someone please tell me if this is worthwhile and do they keep their word? So far we are told absolutely nothing of what is happening and only know from friends who went out on holiday that our house is already under construction. Due to be built in Oct. 2006. or there about.
    The only thing we get is leaflets for special offer prices for air. con/heating and grilles etc. On checking they seem quite expensive and we would like to check for ourselves when we visit in Spring.
    I asked for a copy of the building license and was told it was in my folder as it is in Spanish so we wouldn’t understand it.
    How patronising as who is to say that we may have been taking it to a Spanish teach for translation. I asked after reading the posts on Almonzara Country Club. Still don’t know if it exists or not.

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    Don’t waste your money, you’ll get much more help on this and other sites. Still waiting for the final licence – sorry.

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