Parador Properties in voluntary administration

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      Hot off the press –

      An official statement sent to the offices of OPP this morning from Quay West Communications, Parador’s PR company, reads: “It is with regret that Parador Properties has announced that, due to the downturn in the overseas property market, it has gone into voluntary administration. This does not affect property purchases by any of its clients, as all contracts were made between the individual client and the builder; Parador Properties acted only as an introductory agent.”

      Another one bites the dust – what will Claire Sweeny do now??


      PS The top directors had already left to go to Polaris World to set up their direct selling operation…… 🙄

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      Claire Sweeney – I could find her a few odd jobs

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      I am surprised that the UK media have not reported this. I know things are bad in the UK but normally they jump all over stuff like this connecte to Spain with glee!

      Also i read somewhere that the directors had left to do Polaris World direct sales and that Parador in Spain would carry on under a different name? Anyone know anything more about what´s going on.


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      Below is part of a story from the OPP in June regarding the Polaris Ventis

      Stuart Coleman is the UK sales director

      “Polaris World and Parador Properties
      Speaking to OPP to quash the many rumours circulating in the market concerning ‘staff swaps’ from both companies, Coleman explained that Jack Hamliton, a former director of Parador, is now the head of international sales for Polaris World, along with Nick and Paul Hamilton who have started with Polaris World as general manager UK and general manager Spain, respectively – the same titles they both held when employed at Parador.

      Rather than being head hunted from Parador, Coleman said that he had been made redundant from the firm, while Jack Hamilton and others had left of their own accord.

      “There was a situation between the directors at Parador. They both saw the time for change and decided to part ways.

      “Jack saw an opportunity for himself and took the step to leave and move to Polaris World. After I was made redundant I then received a call from Jack asking me to come and join the new venture,” clarified Coleman.”

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