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    Oh Dear!

    Hi there and so glad I have found this site.  I wondered if anyone knows what happens with Spanish Inheritance Law for someone who died in 1999, had an NIE number so assume classified as a resident, left an English Will but not a Spanish Will.  The English Will has been through probate in the UK but the English Will has been proved to be a forgery.  The deceased had one daughter but was married to a step-mother.  How does the land lie with regards to the Spanish property that the Step-Mother has now sold for cash!  Any clues, advice?  Many thanks in advance.

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    THe fact that he had an NIE number does not make him a Spanish resident but because he had a Spanish property and no Spanish will means that the property would have been subject to Spanish inheritance law therefore the daughter would have an interest in the property by law
    Need to see a good Spanish Laywer that specializes in Property and Inheritance Law

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