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      Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:31 pm Post subject: ORDERING FROM ARGOS, B&Q, M&S FROM SPAIN

      Hi there,

      I know this question is delicate, as due to advertising, but I have read somewhere that there is a company who can get items from above stores in UK (which we can’t get in Spain), and order them for you and have the items delivered to your home address in Spain.

      Can anyone help with the name of this Company, or where I can find them. If anybody knows the answer, please pm me.

      Many thanks.

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      I think the company you are looking for may be found at


      However, BE CAREFUL. Looking at their website, they appear to be little more than an agent filling part loads on third party removal vans – they then seem to charge for onward delivery from Almeria. Also, look at their terms and conditions which are VERY restrictive – one way or another they seem to exclude or restrict most loss / damage on delivered items to almost non existant levels. Delivery is 3 to 4 weeks as well.

      IF YOU REALLY CAN NOT get in Spain what you are looking for (and there can’t be many things) try to buy on line direct with delivery to (say) a relative in the UK and if large item(s) arrange your own transport as a part load through a removal company or have sent to you through something like the easy mail system for smaller / lighter items.

      As an example, I buy a lot of computer equipment for my business in the UK and have delivered as above. Last week, I bought a lap top at £500, and it was here within 72 hours at a cost of £15. Using the above company’s systems, it would have taken three weeks and had it been lost or damaged the best I would have received would have been €100 IF the damage / loss was not otherwise excluded!

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