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      Just thought i would mention that while talking to a Spanish friend yesterday I was told that it was common knowledge that the judge in charge of the corruption scandal in Spain “operation Malaya” judge Miguel Angel Tores was removed from the invistigation because he was uncovering too much on too many people.and basically he was doing too good a jobi nvestigating the Developers, Lawyers,Judges, Police…and the list goes on.
      While the spanish newspaper would like us to believe that he had decided
      to move (of his own accord) it appears this may not have been the case.
      Also it appears the extent of the corruption is in most cases watered down in the Spanish newspapers. This is all Alleged of course!!

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      bettyboo: I tend to agree with you. No professional likes to leave a task unfinished. Further as a professional one would not like to get their teeth into a case and decide to leave it half way at his/her own accord. Besides the conclusion of this case would have placed the judge in the highest of esteem in the legal profession.

      The fact that a judge like him was selected at the out set, clearly showed the gravity of the problem and how deep rooted this was.

      Compare this with UK where to deal with Iraq war related issues chosen judges were selected with a very narrow remit/terms of reference.

      It shows how the two countries deal with issues that undermine/expose the establishments.

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      It sounds about spot on. Roca getting bail for a million euros too. I had my doubts when marbella started the idea of paying to get a property legalised…business as usual really 🙄

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      The question is who putting up the bail of €1million. I bet its the same people/party who will be paid more than the €1million for the forged passport, helicopter ride, plastic surgery etc.

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      yes i agree! who would have the money to put up that much bail only their associates .
      I would ask you in what other country if you were up on such serious charges as they are would any judge gige you bail when you are most likley to flee?
      why would they be expected to hang around and risk trial…I say ris because the likleyhood of any one of them of actually being brought to trial is very slim especially when the Judges are as corrupt as themselves.
      There was one man who I would say could be relied upon to see justice done and that was Miguel Angel Tores who was in charge of the operation Malaya but they got rid of him as he was uncovering too much corruption on too many people.
      I personally have no faith in the Spanish judicial system (Judges) and that is speaking from experience , I think they will all pay their bail an gradually they will all go missing and sail into the sunset as Shakeel said…
      with new faces and identities and a pocket full of all our cash!

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      I thought I was the only cynic on the Forum. Of course he will not jump bail, God forbid. While waiting for his trail he will water the plants in Ricado Soria, help in orphanages, clean beds in the hospitals and than get a life term and rot in there. This seams befitting.

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