One to Ponder- Could they really do this?

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      Here’s an interesting article from the Olive Press which makes you think: … t-service/

      Anything’s possible with a box of matches or lighter, doesn’t cost much either to cause mayhem 🙄

      Suppose they also caused the flooding in Spain and UK too 😯 😕 🙄

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      Let us be grown up. We cant blame all & sundry around the world on Al-Queda !!!!!!!!!!!! .

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      Whether it’s a fireman trying to avoid redundancy, a property developer trying to get hold of some land, some bloke throwing a fag end out of a car, a family having a BBQ where they shouldn’t or someone who claims to work for some terrorist organisation, it makes no difference who does it. The fact is someone ends up doing it. Personally I doubt it’s a terrorist organisation because it doesn’t give them any advantage, it doesn’t help them achieve their ends, and it doesn’t cause mass terror, which is the defining feature of a terrorist.

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      Panic over, a local youth has been arrested for starting the fire on the Costa del Sol. He was burning garden rubbish.

      There is always the potential threat though for such acts seeing as most of the muslim world is committed to jihad 🙁

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