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      …Keeping an eye on Fotocasa and having one of those moments of clarity.

      An Spanish ex-colleague of mine returned to Spain early this year after working in the UK. Fluent in English, MSc in science related subject and working as a professional software engineer for a blue chip company earning £40k ish. He’s 30.

      He’s now working in the same field back in the South of Spain earning just under 35k Euros.

      Reasonable 3 bed (holiday) apartments in Almeria are 250k~300k. This is almost 10 times his salary.

      1) He’s probably in the top 5% of the population in the educational stakes
      2) Southern Spain is the least sophisticated part of Spain, hence low salaries for the unskilled, semi-skilled.
      3) Massive over supply of property.
      4) Foreign property investment well and truly dead.

      250~300k Euros!!! There is only one way to go.

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      I wondered what was ‘coming’ after seeing that title!!

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