Once more in to the frey (round 5)

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    Hi to you all

    We have just booked our next flight (Sept 3rd) for anoher 10 days of property hunting on the CDS (Calahonda Area), I promise you all that my brain will not be left on the plane. We are trying to be more organized this time rather than rushing round like headless chickins, I have picked up some usefull information and tips on this forum since I joined for which I thank you.

    I have identified a couple of poperties that seem to tick most of the boxes ,advertisted on the internet direct from Spanish owners.

    I would be gratefull for some advice on the translation of a particular phrase used in one of the ads which I have pasted below

    It is sold Leaned to release: Leaned house of 285 is sold m2 constructed, 4 dormitories, 2 bathrooms (one of them within the main dormitory), a cleanliness, ample terraces, hall-hungry, cooks totally equipped, 2 years of antiguedad, alarm system, A/A cold-heat, .mejor to see it [/b]

    What does ‘It is sold Leaned to release’ mean please.

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    Have you got the origional spanish text? sounds like a bad google translation.

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    Hi Katy

    Yes it was a google translation, here is the original.

    Se vende Adosado a estrenar: Se vende casa adosada de 285 m2 construidos,4 dormitorios,2 cuartos de baño (uno de ellos dentro del dormitorio principal),un aseo,amplias terrazas,salón-comedor,cocina totalmente equipada,2 años de antiguedad,sistema de alarma,A/A frio-calor,.mejor verlo

    Thanks for your help

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    estrenar means: to use for the first time.

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    Hi Maria

    Thanks for your responce.

    ‘Use for the first time’ would seem to mean maybe its a new house, but its not.

    Any other sugestions please



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    For sale Townhouse, 285 m2 built, 4 beds 2 baths (one in main bedroom). Cloakroom/toilet, spacious terraces, lounge/Dining room, fully-fitted kitchen, 2 years old. alarm fitted, air conditioning/heat units, Better see it!

    Sounds Ok, fairly large 🙂

    Just seen you other post, could be never been lived in or new/just on the market? They do use it a lot, perhaps its something colloquial 😕

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Will be seeing that house and many others no doubt.

    Will report back to the forum.

    Steve V

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