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      I have just read an article in the Sunday Times property supplement about property agents in Bodrum which is being classed as the new Costa del sol,again its O***n estates miss representing the true facts on bringing money into the country,buying with cash etc etc.They say property prices will rise 30% a year and possibly 100%.

      They are importing all the bad habits and misselling that happend in Spain,what a disgraceful Co.The agent representing them there was full of the usual b*ll sh*t.

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      Think bulgaria and Turkey will turn out to overshadow Spain for property scams, just read some of the other forums, many people waiting for deeds, rental problems etc. In a year or two it will bust. People still believe the agents claims though despite forums like this one.

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      I’ve just read the article by the same reporter who exposed their mis-selling in the S. Times before. They are a disgraceful bunch, they are up to the same tricks as before and will no doubt mislead many more unwary purchasers. Why any country would wish to be associated with them by allowing them in just beggars belief.

      BTW a person recently emailed me to say he was almost ready to purchase 1 million euros worth of property through them in Spain but having read my story and other articles on this site about them, he managed to back out, should think it cost O***n 2-3 hundred thousand euros commission although that is probably a ‘drop in the Ocean’ to them.

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      I would like to post a reply to you Paul, I have been working happily with O***n as you post them to make sure that your email is not deleted, for almost 3 years, I was here at the end of the boom of the Spanish market and have been working for O***n ever since. I was advised by a friend of mine who was a high profile footballer to come and work for O***n, he having links with the PFA. If O***n Estates is such a corrupt company then how comes that we are business partners with such operations as the Professional Footballers Association and also Your Move in the UK, both of whom have never questioned our ethics, working beside us through all of the one day expose, next day chip wrapper, that seem to start from the Sunday times, of whom I know that you have had dealings with previously trying everything that you can to tarnish the reputation of the company that I represent. Unfortunately, most agents have been caught in the trap of employing people who are a little overzealous with information in the past, but hopefully those people are found out and no longer have any association with companies like O***n. I hope that this reply is also read by others that do not know of you and your vendetta against O***n that seems to have been going on forever and frankly is getting a little tiresome. Yours Frustratedly. Concerned 👿 👿

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      To Concerned and to Paul,

      Both of you know that there will always be good and bad agents, but I am wondering about the neutrality of Mark, who runs this site. He seems only too happy to let people name O***n Estates and to let them comment in a bad way, but warns against naming other agents with derogitory comments !!!

      It would be better for this site to maintain a neutral stance from the owner, not side with Paul, who did in fact make a great deal of money with the help of agents in spain.

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      I would have to agree with you there Joe my friend, it seems strange that rules and regs are quoted but not strictly adhered to. ❓

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      Fine contradiction. You accuse me of being “only too happy to let people name O***n Estates”. Who?

      You are quite wrong to say that I apply the rules inconsistently and against any one agent in particular.

      The rule is that you can’t name a specific company in a negative context. Some people get round this by using codes such as O***n or use words that allude to the name. I allow this as, strictly speaking, it doesn’t break the rule. Furthermore it would be way too draconian to start forbidding posts that criticise agents but don’t actually name one in particular. That would mean forbidding any critical discussion of estate agents as a group, which would be absurd.

      It just so happens that most of the references to estate agents in this forum have focused on one agent in particular. This has nothing to do with me. I don’t initiate these threads, and normally don’t participate in them. If there were other agents attracting the same level of criticism I would not treat them any differently, contrary to what you suggest on the basis of no evidence.

      For all those wondering why I don’t allow you to mention companies by (proper) name in a negative context, it’s because I would have to spend too much time policing it (checking that criticisms are justified) and I doubt it would add much value to the forum. I also suspect the forum would quickly become boring and useless.

      In future please don’t be so hasty to question my neutrality. You didn’t have good reason.

      No need to respond. I’m locking this thread as I can see it going nowhere useful.


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