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    A novice to this site, I am planning to buy an apartment in either Oliva or Javea in the next couple of months and was wondering if anybody couild give me some advice in helping me decide on where to buy. I know both towns quite well and think

    Oliva is cheaper, more Spanishy, less touristy

    Javea is smarter, more upmarket and yes more expensive.

    I want to buy a place for a holiday home for me now and then retire to eventually. So please can anybody advise me on which is the best place to buy in for long term investment, quality of life, facilities etc etc

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Javea every time.Oliva IMHO is a bit of a dump and by the tatoo count has some of the less desirable elements of the expat community living their.Also the new Valencia-Alicante rail link will become an issue with properties closer to the beach.

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    I agree with Latchy although I’m not particularly enamoured with Javea.

    It’s safer than Oliva which still has a gypsy problem amongst other things – undesirables is a good enough description.
    I also found Oliva was getting very difficult for traffic and, apparently in some places it’s almost impossible to park a car near your own property.

    Oliva was the place I originally wanted to see went I first went to Denia but talking to locals changed my mind – and that was four years ago. Nothing’s changed from what my friends nearby tell me.

    With Javea you either love it or you hate it – depends what you’re looking for!
    Best of luck Phil!

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    Many thanks for your replies…

    Yes I agree that Oliva is a bit of a dump -especially the Paseo, terrible traffic too – but must admit I like the beaches and the fact its a ‘real’ Spanish town. It seems buying property there is also cheaper than Javea.

    I get the impression that Javea is more upmarket, a cleaner and better organised town, more touristy and yes, more expensive to buy. But as a long term buy and a nice place to live, Javea would seem beter.

    Any tips on where to buy in Javea – in the pueblo or down by Arenal. I am looking for a quiet area but of course not too far from the sea?

    I am not particuilarly enamoured by Denia – although I think the main shopping street is nice – and it seems very German too – is Javea better buy than Denia too.

    I wouild appreciate your thoughts – thanks again

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    For some reason, and I’ve found this time and again, Denia fans dislike Javea and vice versa. I am a fan of Denia which is why I have an apartment there. It is still Spanish and although touristy in the summer, you can avoid the tourists if you know where to go. There is always something going on in the town, even during the winter as it is not just a resort.

    Also the beaches are big enough to accommodate everyone even during the height of the season. This is where Javea falls down. The Arenal is too busy in the summer and the town is like God’s waiting room in the winter. Although I do love Javea Port. I think my preference would be Javea Port over Oliva.

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    Thanks for Jules…..

    I know hardly anything about Denia – been thru it a few times and stayed a couple of nights there too but my impression is:

    Lots of Germans (although probably better behaved than Brits)
    Lots of aparts/hotels on the main road into town (N332?)
    Nice main shopping street and nicer up near the Port Denia hotel.
    Yes a real fishing port

    But I dont know where the best beaches are or the better residential areas are located.. any advice please becos it seems that Oliva is suddenly going off my list of favourites (apart from its fantastic beaches) so Denia could be a possibility

    Grateful for any advice/tips on Denia

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    There are lots of northern europeans in Denia as well as southern americans, and I am sure there are africans and eastern europeans too – a bit of a melting pot. There are also lots of apartment blocks as it is a small city with a population of about 40,000 (if the figures are right?). There are not too many hotels though.

    The coastal strip running north out of town is called Las Marinas and there is a lot of development going on along this road. It can be quite deserted in the winter and noisy in the summer, as this area is mainly holiday homes. The Montgo (mountain) side of town is mainly residential and runs on Spanish time – busy just before siesta and quiet during.

    The beaches span 20 kms. The best ones are at either end – Las Rotas is good for rock pooling and diving and the other end, about 7 miles out of town is great for kitesurfing.

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    Sorry, Can some please advise me what is IMHO ?
    Thank you in advance.

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    In my honest opinion…

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    It dates back to Charles Dickens and the classic novel, Oliver Twist. A character called Uriah Heap (an olde English crook) regularly used the turn of phrase “In my humble opinion” (IMHO) and “Very, very humble” etc.

    We had to do this in school for an English literature assignment…. I hated it !!

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    ooops…..I stand corrected then, Harvey! ūüė≥

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    I think in computer speak Charlie you are correct, but historically……………

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    I too am thinking of buying a villa in Oliva with a budget of around 300000 euros and was planning to visit next month,but after some of the previous comments I am now having second thoughts.

    After contacting different agents I was thinking of investing in a detached residence on the golf course.

    But also have seen properties in Tosal Gros, Monte Pego and Costa Del Azahar

    Is anyone familiar with these villages if so I welcome your comments but I am now also concerned about the securtity aspect as I will only be visiting the property 3/4 times a year as it will be a holiday home.

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